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Visions (Multikit)

Visions (Multikit)

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Presenting VISIONS: a multikit boasting our largest and best collection of sounds to date. Contained within are all the tools you need to create out of this world melodies with the wavy, psychedelic sound the permeates so much of contemporary R&B and hiphop.

With 2 Analog Lab banks, Oneshots, Accents, Perc Loops and more, this pack is a must have for every sample maker and producer, providing you with the sonics required to effortlessly create atmospheric and evocative music, that will truly show your listeners your vision.

Full Breakdown
  • 2 Analog Lab Banks totalling 120 Presets
  • 77 Melodic Oneshots
  • 175 Accent Oneshots
  • 60 Perc Loops

  • Bonuses
    • 60 Chord Progressions
    • A Mini DrumKit
    • 4 "Perc Mixups" (For use in samplers, 32 Percs in each file)
    • 3 Bonus Demo Samples
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