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TRIPTOPIA III (Arturia Preset Bank)

TRIPTOPIA III (Arturia Preset Bank)

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Presenting TRIPTOPIA III for Arturia Pigments & Analog Lab!

Unleash your creativity with the third installment in our ever popular series of Arturia preset banks. This collection blends the essence of psychedelic soundscapes with the sonics of contemporary trap and R&B. The presets inside will inspire and transform your music, whether your making chart topping hits, or exploring uncharted sonic realms.

Whats inside:

🎹 Atmospheric Keys: create mesmerizing melodies that cradle your listener as they float through the sonic world you create

🌌 Lush Pads: bring life to your tracks with ambient pads that can support your melody, or take centre stage

🎤 Wavy Leads: add extra character to your melodies with evokative leads to tickle the senses

🎼 Hypnotic Arps: add rhythm and groove with arps that dance into copmlex patterns.

🎨 SciFi Textures: level up your sound instantly with atmos and texture presets to add a new dimension to your melodies

🎸 So Much More: there's limitless possibilties, and that's not even incuding the bonus drums and textures! 

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, the Psychedelic Trap Sound Bank is the perfect tool to expand your sonic palette. Ideal for artists looking to explore new dimensions of sound, this preset bank is your gateway to creating tracks that stand out in any playlist.

Transform your studio into a playground of sonic exploration. With Triptopia III for Arturia, the only limit is your imagination. Ready to dive in?

This bank is included in Analog Lab format (.labx) and Pigments format (.pgtx) so it can be used in either plugin

Full Breakdown

  • 12 Keys
  • 12 Pads
  • 8 Textures/SFX
  • 6 Arps
  • 6 Leads
  • 4 Basses
  • 4 Soundscapes
  • 3 Bells/Mallets
  • 3 Strings
  • 2 Winds
  • 56 Preset Oneshots
  • 13 Melody Samples
  • 60 Bonus Collage Oneshots
  • 65 Bonus Drums


  • 75 Collage Oneshots
  • 20 Chord Progression MIDIs
  • 10 Melody Samples

Please note that Analog Lab or Arturia Pigments is required to use this bank

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I’m tired of giving Audio Juice all my money with these amazing presets.