The best free distortion plugins

I thought I’d share with you some of the distortion plugins that I’ve been using because I’ve noticed they don’t get the love they deserve!

And best of all these are free!

BYOD (Build Your Own Distortion) By ChowDSP
This has been my go to recently! It has so many options for distortion types and a bunch of other effects to really control the sound you want!

Fire by Wings (jerryuhoo)
This one’s a crazy multiband distortion.

Freeclip by Venn Audio
A great free clipper, providing you with a bunch of different clipping algrorithms (more than a lot of paid clippers)

IGVI by Klanghelm

A really nice saturation plugin that can bring subtle harmonics or some crunchy grit. I throw this one on a lot of things when I’m making vintage samples!

Hopefully you found something you hadn’t heard of in here, these really are some of the best distortion plugins out there!

Also, on an unreleated note, there’s still a couple days left until all the kits at Audio Juice increase in price. Be sure to get em on the low while you can!

Have a great rest of your week

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