5 Non Music Tools for Music Producers

We’re all looking for music and audio related tools to elevate our sound but all the other stuff seems to get overlooked.

So here are some tools to make that side of music production that little bit easier!

Bulk Rename Utitlity - for the FLgang folks out there. You’ll have noticed when you render stems that the file names look something like “blahblahbeatname_stem”. Possibly good for organisation but mixing with stems named like this makes things way more confusing. That’s why everytime I render stems, I remove the beat name quickly and easily with this tool. (Your stems should be in a folder with the name and beat info anyway). This also works great for numbering sounds in kits etc.

Everything - If you’ve ever tried to search something on Windows, you know the search function is god awful. Everything is the answer to this problem. It searches EVERYTHING. You can get really sneaky with this too and find things like impulse responses from one convolution plugin to use in another one with ease!

ScreenZen - Something most people are guilty of but don’t want to admit is an addiction to their phones. Most of us don’t even realise quite how bad it is until we try to stop. I get it, quick dopamine hits are dope, and I’m super guilty of it. And the iPhone screen time limiter? Kinda shit. If I can just hit a button to ignore you telling me not to use my phone, it’s not gong to work. ScreenZen will actually lock your apps down properly, as well as give you a bunch of options for the limits! If you haven’t tried reducing your screen time, I highly recommend you do!

Streaks - OK so this is the only app on the list that you HAVE to pay for. I’ve tried a lot of self improvement and to do list apps over the years but this is the one that has kept me motivated the most. If you stuggle with staying consistent, be it in your music or in your day to day life, Streaks might be the answer. It’s the only reason I’ve dropped from 6 cups of coffee a day down to 2, and maintained it for all of 2023!

Mailchimp/Aweber - I won’t go to into this one. If you’re a producer you’ve probably got the message by now. Even if you don’t believe in email marketing, start building a list. Having a list of people who like your content is crucial to building a career in your passion. It will also change your mindset. Trust me when I say that with patience and hard work, even with low views on youtube etc, you can build a list of 1000s fans. And most email services have a free option now so there’s no reason not to start building your list!

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